Going on a vacation is a great way to escape the troubles of everyday life. It also allows you to give some time to your family or friends, which isn’t always possible when you have a super-busy schedule. But if you’re about to splurge on a vacation, you’ll want to save money somewhere, no? Here are a few tips to save money at home while you’re on vacation.

Here are some things to do before leaving home for the airport.

Set Water Heater on Vacation Mode

The water heater accounts for 14% to 25% of your total electricity bill. Also, your water heater takes up a lot of energy when you leave it on stand-by. An easy energy-saving tip is to set your water heater on vacation mode before leaving for vacation.

Adjust Programmable Thermostat

If you’re not leaving your pets at home, adjust the programmable thermostat to the highest temperature. This way, it takes less energy than usual.


We know that you’ve turned off all the appliances, but you still need to unplug them. That includes your coffee maker, laptop computer, rechargeable toothbrush, cable box, TV, headset chargers, and printer. Americans typically waste one month’s worth of electricity each year by leaving appliances plugged in when unused.

Draw Curtains and Window Shades

When you get back home, it needs to have a comfortable temperature so that you don’t have to set the air conditioner on the highest mode. You can do this by drawing window shades and curtains, preventing sun rays from entering your home.

Turn off all lights

Well, this is obvious- since you probably intend to do this. Turning off the lights can save a lot of money. You also need to turn off the security timer and other devices in your home. Of course, make sure not to turn off the CCTVs. They’ll help you keep an eye on your home while you’re on vacation.

Save money today

When you decide to go on vacation, you probably plan to give your pets to someone for their care, or you ensure that your security system works appropriately. In fact, some people temporarily stop their newspaper and magazine subscriptions. While all these measures are great, you should also consider saving energy and money while on vacation. The tips mentioned above will help reduce your energy bills when you’re not around, helping you avoid high utility costs once you’re back. If you need expert help, you can contact Cape Cod Energy Solutions for ways to save energy.