A comprehensive evaluation of several of your home’s components. We look at your appliances, windows, HVAC systems, and existing insulation. Findings are presented in a report, along with recommendations. We provide Instant Saving Measures during the appointment, where eligible, including:

  • Smart strip power outlets
  • Programmable thermostats
  • Low-flow water aerators and showerheads

There is no cost. The program is funded by participating program administrators.

Along with the instant saving measures (see above), you can:

  • Apply for the HEAT Loan, which is 7 years interest-free and can be used to cover the cost of HVAC upgrades, insulation, and single pane window replacement
  • No cost air sealing measures (weather stripping, caulking, foam sealing of drafty areas) and 75% coverage of additional weatherization services
  • Rebate paperwork is provided for eligible clothes washers

High Efficiency Energy Solutions services residential properties containing 1-4 units. Larger properties are part of the Mass Save multi-family program. To schedule, call 800-594-7277.

No. As a home performance contractor, we provide both the assessment and insulation services to our customers.

No. Existing conditions need to be evaluated first by an energy specialist. Scheduling depends on the scope of work and amount of time it takes to complete the job. Barriers like mold, asbestos, vermiculite, and gas leaks prevent moving forward.

Cellulose insulation is basically shredded paper with an added fire retardant that also acts as a rodent repellent. It also offers soundproofing benefits. A machine blows the material through a hose, which the installer uses to fill attic spaces and densely pack walls or cavities. This blocks heat from escaping through the frame of the building. Fiberglass is made up of layers of tiny glass fibers and comes in the form of batts or rolls. It is then cut to fit into place. Air gets trapped between the fibers, which slows heat movement.

Serving Cape Cod, the South Shore and the South Coast


As a certified Mass Save contractor, we specialize in helping homeowners achieve more energy-efficient homes with lower utility bills. This process often comes with a lot of questions, so we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions here.